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Cabera is a system which reduces  your phone orders booking time and provides new orders for your fleet. Ride sharing companies are willing to take your market share. We are ready to help you successfully compete with them by providing technology for your company and training for your drivers.


Why you should use Cabera ?


Increase your Customer base

Get new orders from loyal Cabera clients. They are ordering taxi with latest iPhone and Android applications.

Be modern

Cabera application allows drivers to receive order information in one click. Our revolutionary  mobile apps and dispatch system connects passengers and drivers in timely and reliable way.

Employ more drivers

Cabera will bring new orders to your drivers. Getting fully booked? Be ready to Expand.

Decrease drivers idle time

Cabera  application makes your drivers more efficient. Less empty kilometres and idle time for more orders from the closest clients, Reducing dead mileage.

Decrease booking time

Your dispatchers will work more efficiently with Cabera dispatch system. Bookings will be sent directly from dispatcher`s web application to driver`s mobile app.

Cash , Prepaid account,

Credit and debit card payments

Cabera platform allows passengers to pay for their trip with their credit or debit card , cash or prepaid account with one touch.

To join cabera as a partner , please visit the website:


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